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Vote Lunde For City Council
By Thomas Fisher


September 20, 2005

Eric Lunde is an honorable man.

I hired Eric Lunde to do some electrical work on my fishing vessel this summer, before the work commenced I asked for an estimate. Eric gave me an estimate that I personally thought was on the low side, and figured there would be cost overruns. He did the work in a very timely fashion without having me to watch over him and make sure the hours he billed me for were hours worked. The job at times was in cramped confined quarters that would make most men complain none of which he did. When the job was done I asked how much I owed him and it was very close to the estimate, I knew that Eric had considerable more time into the job and would have understood if he had billed me for it. When I asked him why he hadn't billed me for the extra time his reply was that is what I estimated it at and so that is your cost.

This leads me to believe that Eric would be an asset to our city council and when he tells you he will do something you know it will be done. I urge people to talk to Eric and support him in his bid for City Council.

Thomas Fisher
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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