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Free Airport Ferry Rides for 60 Years or More!
By Doug Barry


September 20, 2005

Pete Ellis complains about the cost of ferry rides to the airport and uses that argument to rationalize the need for a $315,000,000 bridge. Remember the federal funding only covers part of the cost and the state and others have to make up the difference. By the way, if Seattle's transportation projects are any barometer, the cost to build the bridge(s) will likely go up, up, up before the first footing is poured.

Here's a little math (maybe someone's already done this). Based on Ellis's statement that it costs $22 for a two-person carload to travel across Tongass Narrows and 350,000 people make the voyage each year, 315 million dollars would pay for 175,000 carloads per year for 80 years if travelers decided to car pool a little. Plus there'd be enough left over for 14,000 medivacs over that period or 175 medivacs per year.

Even if only the federal money were spent ($233 million), that would pay for 60 years of free ferry trips and about 65 medivacs per year for 60 years. Yes, I know that doesn't factor in inflation. Or just use the funds to simply subsidize the ferry rides, cut the cost to residents in half...well, you get the picture.

Doug Barry
Sammamish, WA - USA




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