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By Marie L Monyak


September 19, 2005

Remember Columbine? Remember the terror on the faces, the absolute horror? The grief the parents must have suffered and still are. One parent asked: "How could God let this happen to our children? Where was God?" And someone answered; " God isn't allowed in our schools anymore."

Our society is still a Christian majority. There are other religions that believe in a higher power. Why then should we, as Americans, have to change to please an atheist?

I may not be a practicing Catholic anymore but I still have my beliefs shared by millions of others in this country and feel that the judicial system in this country has let us down. If anyone has an email address for the judge that made this ruling I would appreciate it.

Unless we let him know his ruling is not shared by millions of Americans we cannot effect changes. Let your voice be heard. (You might even say a prayer for that judge, someday he will have to answer for his actions.)

Thank You for listening, now make your voice heard.

Marie L Monyak
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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