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'Under God'
By Ben Rosenfeld


September 19, 2005
Monday PM

It should be the responsibilities of the family and the child's own choice if they want religion, not the responsibility of state. That is why we should not have 'under god' in the pledge of allegiance. It is also separation of church and state that makes it illegal.

Everyday in high school the pledge of allegiance was told over the intercom, forcing
everyone in the school to hear 'under god', if you believed in it or not. As a society we are forcing adolescence to believe in something that they have the right not to believe in.

The statement of "our nation was founded on these principles," our country was also built on slavery but we do not see that anymore.

It is every American's right to believe that there is a god, not a god, or gods, and it is not the responsibility of the state to tell them what to believe in.

Ben Rosenfeld
Washington, DC - USA




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