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Bridge to Gravina
By Bob Allen


September 17, 2005

The reason for expansion in Juneau due to the bridge is that Juneau is the Capital. If they took the capital and moved it somewhere else, I don't think the population will stay what it is now. Ketchikan has no real lure. And why would people move here if there was no reason too? Fishing is all but slowed down, logging is almost gone, so really what is there? Tourism.

Just because Juneau got a bridge does not mean this is good for Ketchikan. Juneau like Ketchikan has a lot of land that is accessible on it's own ground.

Don't be mislead by the politicians who say this will create growth, they are the ones who own land over there. Don't believe them when they say this will be more efficient than the airport ferry. What happens in the winter when you can't get across the bridge because the winds are too strong? See the plane can take off into the south but this bridge runs east and west, fully exposing you to the SE winds. You very well may miss a flight. How about those who live north of town. that will be quite the drive for them. It may take an hour to get to the airport. Might was well live in a big city.

And to claim it will create growth and expansion? Ok well would a road to the mainland not create business? Would it not bring RVs to Ketchikan? How about the hotels and gas stations needed along the road? There are alot more oportunities for growth and expansion to the mainland than to Gravina Island.

I read one of the lower 48 politicians statement about the bridge. They said that the critics don't realize that this bridge leads to an international airport. My question to that politician is, when can I catch the next flight to Canada?

So don't be mislead by these guys. Do you plan to jump off the bridge if they say they will?

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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