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Calls for accountability
By Vashti Varnado


September 16, 2005

I've been hearing black leaders, argue that Katrina reveals that we need to deal with racism. No we need to wake up to the intellectual dishonest plaguing those who have tarred the president with racial bigotry in his response to the suffering victims of Katrina.

Up until now the calls for accountability on the part of the black mayor of New Orleans have been muted to non-existent in the mainstream media. It has been truly appalling to me as a black woman enduring the media's blanket indulgence of his preening excuses like a political version of Tennessee Williams' character Blanche Dubois, who was also "dependent on the kindness of strangers".

It's as if the mainstream media & the political left have taken a page from the playbook of the old south and it's patronage of white women as emblems of all that was sacred about Jim Crow segregation. The southern belle of the 21st centurey south, appears to be the balck political class in places like New Orleans, who preside over majority black-electorates, populations of black people living in communities blighted by social and economic demoralization, the effects not of racism, but of life lived under the reign of a political order that subsists on institutional race-baiting, social programs embodying ideas of social equality promoting victim status, self-righteous racial politics, while poo-pooing values involved with hope and individual initiative.

Speaking of "racism" as cover for a multitude of sins, there's no more classic an example than today's story of Cong. William Jefferson, ( Dem.), the elected representative of the masses huddled in the squalor of the Superdome. Using the clout of his office, he pushed to the head of the line, commandeering national guard troops along with a helicopter & a military amphibious vehicle to get to his home in one of New Orleans' upscale neighborhood, arriving in time to rescue personal valuables including laptop computers belonging to his two daughters who were heading off for college and an intership according to the congressman's statement. Sounds like opportunity to me.

Vashti Varnado
Oak Park, IL - USA




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