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Drop outs
By Bob Allen


September 14, 2005

It is unfortunate, but I am unable to attend the meeting because my job has me out of town several weeks a month.

As for the concerns of Native students brought up by Mr. Wright, I am a little confused by your thoughts.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Native students are the higher rate of drop outs in the community. So how do we encourage them to stay in school?

For curriculum my feeling is that it should be a general knowledge for all students rather then specifically toward one group of individuals. That was the part of your article I was confused over. And looking for a little clarity.

Again though, the major concern is How to keep kids in school, whether they are white, black, Asian, native, Hispanic etc....

Students should be treated the same regardless of what ethnic background they are. In school that is, it is the parents responsibility and that of the community to encourage education of specific ethnic, or religious values. But the education in schools should be one that is general.

As for the kids having kids. The problem needs to be corrected. And once a baby is born it is obviously too late. And this is why I believe we should not encourage this behavior by accepting and helping single mothers. On the flip side, I understand we cant just let the mother and child fall away into a life dangerous for the child. Teenagers are crazy with emotions, hormones and looking for a reason to be in the world. That has been the problem since probably the beginning of time, and I am sure that in previous generation teens have had babies, but it was not as well known because it was not something to be proud of. Now-a-days teens walk around pregnant and with kids and I think they see it as "look at me, I am having sex, and I believe I am responsible enough to have a baby." Yet they are not responsible enough to stay in school or at least use protection. EEEEK, I said protection!

So what to do with high school drop outs, how to encourage them to stay in school, and how to show them there is life after high school is a very difficult . There are so many interesting industries in the world, so many different jobs and going to school, getting the education even as a general education are important.

In the end, completing school whether you are the smartest kid or the just passing student, plain and simply states that you are a person responsible enough to complete something. That continues on through college. No one looks at your GPA, but it tells an employer that you are a person who sticks something out, over that person who dropped out of school when you were a teen.

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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