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Ketchikan Fuel Prices
By John Fraley


September 09, 2005

Let's see if I get it or not! In Ketchikan we have millions of gallons of fuel stored. This fuel was purchased by local distributors at a lower cost prior to Katrina. But, this morning I see fuel prices have raised another 25 cents. That gives us about 45 cents in a week. If the stored fuel here in Ketchikan is sold for an additional 45 cents per gallon the distributors here in Ketchikan can gain an additional 6.7 million dollars. I know we are not alone. Other states and cities have had similar fuel price increases.

But, look at the large picture. Oil companies and distributors will make millions over the Katrina disaster. We have oil here in Alaska and I realize that we don't have the refineries to process the oil. Maybe that is where we should be putting some of the Federal, State, and local funding. But, keep in mind a selected few in town will benefit from the disaster in our lower states.

John Fraley
Ward Cove, AK - USA




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