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By Randy Williams


September 03, 2005

I would be very interested in helping with OUR landless issue and with any organized group that has clear goals and purpose of a fair resolution as their platform. This means I am not interested in helping, if someone is using this issue as a public forum to get elected or to bash Sealaska. Sealaska may have some faults but I realize they were elected by the people to run our corporation and although I don't always agree with their investment policies, I believe they were elected to do a job and we should support the corporate position for our profit corporation. It is counter productive to squabble over business issues without having their (the board of directors) insights, which means attending their board meetings and fully hearing and reading the business plans or proposals they are considering.

Enough said about Sealaska, I have extensive experience advocating in congress for Tribes in the lower '48' and feel I may have something to offer the landless issue, if nothing else perhaps a perspective that has not been discussed. I have always felt we, as well as, the other communities in Southeast, got the short end of the land claims legislation and would like to help to attempt to rectify this injustice. (Keep in mind that I use the word injustice as a form of expression and not as an attempt to Sensationalize or radicalize this process). If we are going to see some favorable resolution to this issue, we will need Sealaska and other Native leaders to step up with us. This issue has been going on for quite a while and it is time the landless peoples fully recognize this issue and see if we can't move it through congress and find resolution. I have been one that has complained in the past about not receiving corporate recognition for our communities without offeri!
ng a means to find resolution. For the landless peoples to not receive corporate recognition was wrong and it's time we all put our resources together to try to rectify this issue.

How it happened is only important to the resolution and we can illustrate it as such but in a positive and systematic way of trying to obtain our goals.

I would be happy to discuss this issue with those individuals who wish to support a meaningful process that does not place blame but instead is seeking clear resolution.

Randy Williams
Covington, WA - USA




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