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What's the point?
By Kevin Mackey


September 03, 2005

23% of Voters turned out? Jees, I'm fishing in Neets Bay doing a cost recovery fishery for the SSRAA Hatchery, and after two weeks of working, we came to town for our fuel/grub stop. I took the time to vote absentee. Took 5 minutes. Wow, and it took ME 5 minutes. If you can't spare 5 minutes to fill in an oval on a piece of paper, then you're probably too busy to read this. So, what's the point?

The point is, an 18 year old kid, fishing in Neets Bay has something to say. If you don't vote don't whine. Especially if you don't even live here. From stupid people come stupid ideas. But take it or leave it, this is my opinion only.

Kevin Mackey
Ketchikan, AK - USA





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