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Instead of Bridge to Nowhere, Bridge to Relief
By Doug Barry


September 03, 2005

We now know that lawmakers and bureaucrats in Washington slashed funds and turned down requests from FEMA, Louisiana and New Orleans to strengthen the levee system there. The warnings have been out for years and were ignored. It's absolutely appalling that, instead, representatives like Don Young spend so much time and energy strong-arming funding for projects that DON'T make very much sense such as the one that Democrats and Republicans alike have dubbed "The Bridge to Nowhere". Ketchikan and Young have become the butt of constant jokes, except no one is laughing anymore.

Don Young, Alaska and Ketchikan could do something incredibly good for the relief effort for those hard hit Gulf Coast states -- divert the bridge funding to saving and rebuilding real lives. At least it would be a bridge to somewhere.

If that's just not an option, then when a new town is built on Gravina Island someday in the distant future, for godssake it better actually be named "Nowhere", because then it will have finally have some useful meaning.

Doug Barry
Sammamish, WA - USA




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