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By Bill Thomas Sr.


September 02, 2005

Dear Sitnews,

Our group of concerned citizens for students that drop out of school had its first planning meeting last Monday evening, and we're off to a start that is very encouraging. There wasn't many in attendance, however, those who did attend represented a good cross section of the residents of this school district.

We're still in infancy of existence, nonetheless, we do exist.

Everything with regard to identifying who we are and what we're about is still in draft form. As of now we are known as; "ANOTHER CHANCE TO GET A HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION". We have a mission statement, a statement of purpose and a philosophy statement. We feel these are essential components to any organization.

We're off to a good start. But, we can always use more parents and students and input on how to do the best we can to help the students that are still in school and those that have dropped out of school.

If you dropped out of school but wish you could finish high school please come and see us or drop in at the GED program location once the announcement is made. I anticipate this information will be out very soon. It's never too late to get a formal education, and that's what high school is, a level of formal education. Completing the 12th grade will go far to improve your quality of life by meeting requirements of getting the job you want.

We're confident we can be instrumental in reviving the GED program. We hope an announcement will be out soon.

I also thank Mr. Wright of his kind words of support.

Out next meeting is going to be Wednesday, September 7, at 6 pm at 429 Deermount. lower level floor. All meetings are public and we invite any that are interested in this effort.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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