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Arrogant They Are!
By Aan Kadax Tseen


September 02, 2005

Welcome to my world of arrogant people, Mr. Walt Bolling. These are some of the same people that want the bridge to nowhere. They are elected folks that can be elected out. This working committee will only be made up with pro cruise ship bond issue.

If the City Council goes any farther, get the re-call petitions going for the arrogant ones that can't or won't listen to the electors or change their minds. Why can't they just let it go? They already spent a bunch of your public money on the bond issue that could have gone to the dock maintenance budget.

It makes me wonder what or who is motivating the City Council to go against the wishes of the electors? What makes the City Council think that putting a committee together to change your vote on dock expansion will work and waste more of your tax dollars? Stupid minds comes Stupid ideas is my theory. This is my own opinion.

Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanaax adi Clan
Yei l Hit
Taan ta Kwaan

Hixson, TN - USA




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