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Diaster aid
By Christyne Bell


September 01, 2005

As you know there are ways to help with disaster aid if you would like. Just make sure if you send a donation to Red Cross you put Katrina on there somewhere. In Charlotte, N.C. they are making a big effort and doing a great job. A local radio station (Ace and TJ) stayed on the air Monday to help raise money and they so far have managed to raise enough for 12 eighteen-wheelers full of supplies and 130,000 in cash donations. I love those guys. It's called give to the Gulf.

There are so many ways to help. People as young as 4 are doing what they can. I know today they are having a drive to help those people. It's just nice to know that we can pull together in times like these and help out others. You can look at Ace and TJ's efforts at or go to 103.7 the q and look and see what all they are doing. They are great and I know with all this help, we will help people get back on their feet. Thank you to those who have helped with money donation and prayers.

Christyne Bell
Attalla, AL - USA

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