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Fairweather Tangles with Cruise Ship Lines In Skagway;
Slight Damage to Aluminum Plating; No Injuries


September 22, 2004

Juneau, Alaska - The state's fast vehicle ferry M/V Fairweather, while departing Skagway Tuesday morning, "allided" with three of five stern lines of a moored cruise ship, cutting the lines in two. The ferry also may have come in contact with one of the mooring dolphins of the Skagway dock.

The incident did not cause any injuries on board either ship, but did cause a crack in a seam of the aluminum plating at the gunwale above the weather deck (approximately 15-20 feet above the waterline), and to the forepeak of the fast ferry. There was no damage below the water line. The Fairweather was inspected by Alaska Marine Highway System personnel at Haines.

"We are thankful this accident did not result in any injuries," said Deputy Commissioner for Marine Transportation Tom Briggs. "We will investigate to determine how it happened, and take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again."

DOT&PF Commissioner Mike Barton has called for a complete review of the circumstances surrounding the incident, and an inspection of the vessel. The Fairweather will be out of service until further notice. The US Coast Guard will inspect the vessel in Juneau. The AMHS will announce schedule adjustments necessary as a result of this unfortunate incident.


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Alaska Department of Transportation
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