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Alaska Salmon Marketing Program
by Scott McAllister


September 29, 2004

Dear Editor:

Regarding: Governor Reports "Alaska Wild Salmon" Marketing Success story in Tuesday's Sitnews.

Regretfully the Governor failed to communicate that the objective of the Alaska Salmon Marketing Program is to benefit fishermen, the goal being higher ex-vessel prices. Instead the program rolled out looking more like a jobs program to assist Alaskan salmon marketers and processors, not fishermen and the tax base.

FYI, it was fishermen who lobbied much of the money for these programs out of the federal treasury while processors and the executive branch (Knowles administration at that time...) just watched and shook their heads. Now the processors are grandstanding with it as if fishermen don't even matter. Make no mistake about it, it is expected that higher ex-vessel prices will be a result of these efforts. This is a stated goal of Governor Murkowski's.


Scott McAllister
Juneau, AK - USA


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