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Re: "Time to leave Iraq"
by Lilian Filanis


September 28, 2004

There are two ways to fight wars.  You can destroy your enemy completely, killing everybody, sowing salt into his fields like the Romans are supposed to have done with Carthage in the Punic Wars.  Or  we could act like the winning side did in the First World War and make them suffer and pay big time. Then there is the way the United States dealt with Japan and Germany after World War Two. We protected them, invested in them, fought off Communism for them and now they are democratic allies of ours and it is impossible to think about how they could be enemies of ours again in the future.  Democracies do not fight with other democracies!  By the way, the harsh treatment of Germany after WWI was likely the impetus for WWII.  It took us forty years and a Cold War to get all of this done in Europe.
We soundly defeated Iraq after taking them on for attacking their neighbors like Kuwait, Iran, Israel, etc. and for killing Kurds which caused problems for our allies like Turkey and for threatening us with WMD, attempting to assassinate a former US President, defying UN pronouncements, shooting at our planes, etc.  Now we could just leave them and hope for the best or we can convert them into a friendly democracy.  All the other middle eastern countries are dictatorships and are fighting this by sending in irregular terrorist fighters.  Let's face it, if there was a productive Iraq where the people were happy then democracy would spread and the dictators would be out of work.
So we have a choice.  Fight a war now with some losses or withdraw setting up maybe a much bigger war later with who knows what kind of weapons.  Besides, we have told the world what we intend to do and have given our word to the Iraqi people. If we back out now then nobody anywhere will ever trust us or in the case of enemies, be afraid of the United States ever again.
It is tough but we have to stay and win.
Lilian Filanis
Fairbanks, AK


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