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Hiring "older workers"
by Neil Gray


September 21, 2004

Greg O'Claray has made some very good points in his comments about hiring "older workers." In my job, as a Training Coordinator for Guest Services, I oversee about 70 employees who are expected to carry out various duties. Our Guest Services Representatives (GSR) range in age from 19 to 65, with many of the younger GSR's experiencing their first time in the work force of the real world.

The employees who have the most accountability for their actions in carrying out their job skills are generally those over the age of 40. Most of the younger employees have no clue as to what a good "work ethic" is all about. Part of my job is to teach them that work ethic. Many of them think they don't need any coaching on how to treat our Guests, and can't understand why they have to work their way up the ladder in the job force.

I'm not saying ALL of our younger, first time on the job employees have the poor work ethic, but a majority of them do. It's frustrating because I look at how I tried to teach my three sons the basics of a good work ethic, and I know they "got it." I would suggest today's school systems should integrate into their curriculum the basics of work ethics and accepting the accountability and responsibility of carrying out their job descriptions.

Keep hiring us older people! We'll do the job because we know what it's all about.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA


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