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Moral confusion; Dan Rather and CBS Vs. the Raiders
by Mark Neckameyer


September 21, 2004

In my opinion, the behavior of CBS and Dan Rather with regard to the clearly fake Texas National Guard documents has been egregious, outrageous and unfair.  CBS used documents they claimed were from an "unimpeachable source" , self admitted former mental patient Mr. Bill Burkett a man whose grudges against the National Guard and the President make him hardly "unimpeachable".  CBS and Dan Rather coordinated this phony attack on the George Bush in a way still not completely investigated with Democratic Party operatives including Max Cleland, Howard Dean and Joe Lockheart and still CBS still will not admit wrongdoing beyond saying that they "can no longer vouch" for the counterfeit Guard docs.
My first response is to just stop watching 60 minutes, the CBS News programs and to boycott CBS completely.  I can't believe them anymore and it makes me mad that they apparently tried to influence this year's general election in such a smarmy, contrived way.  It is one thing to have a bias.  It is another to try to deceive the public in a likely illegal as well as immoral way.  I really am mad at CBS
My problem is that I am an Oakland Raider fan.  Only CBS carries Raider games.  Of course the classic image of a "Raider" is that of an outlaw, a pirate, an individual who steals, commits crimes, hurts people and commits illegal acts.  I wonder if perhaps I should just use my TIVO to record Raider games and then edit out all CBS content; watch the TV image and listen to the sound on radio.  I don't think I can stomach all those ads for 60 Minutes that they show on CBS' NFL games anymore. 
I think I would feel better about this entire thing if the Oakland fans, instead of dressing up like pirates and monsters at the games, on the Raider sidelines, would just wear big Halloween style Dan Rather heads, Dan Rather costumes.  I think I will write to Jerry Brown, the mayor of Oakland and suggest that.  He is a Democrat, think he will help?
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA



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