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What's an "Exit Strategy" good for anyway!
by Emily, Aby and Lily Katz


September 21, 2004

John Kerry & Company have been relentlessly criticizing President Bush's handling of the War on terror, Iraq Chapter, constantly carping about the lack of an "Exit Strategy". What if the peacenicks of 1943 had railed at FDR about not having a strategy to exit Europe and Asia in a year instead of waiting for VE and VJ day? In reality FDR had the same strategy in mind that President Bush has which is "Win the damn war and then, only then, go home!"

War is Hell. We have lost a thousand valiant people in this one already. It is truly Hell for everyone, especially the families of the men and women brave enough to be thrust into harm's way in cesspools like IRAQ. The problem is that the poor three thousand Americans killed in one attack on 9/11 did not know that they were also in harm's way. Each and every one of us who gets on a plane or lives under the path of a plane or near a refinery or visits a government building for any reason is threatened by the same beasts who decapitate innocent businessmen daily over there.

It is simple really. Islamic terrorists want to kill us and President George W. Bush is using pre-emptive attacks on them to protect us. We keep them busy, keep their heads down until we find them and kill them first. A thousand martyrs on our side is a heavy toll indeed but we lost a thousand killed many individual DAYS during the Second World War and if today's terrorists get their bloody hands on atomic weapons we would be vastly more damaged and threatened than we were in WWII. Take 9/11 alone; on that day we lost twice as many killed as we lost on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor.

God Bless the President for keeping us safe or at least safer for the past three years and let's hope he keeps his job so he can finish the big job, the entire job "exit strategy" be damned!

Emily, Aby and Lily Katz
Seattle, Washington

PS we love your paper, love Alaska, visit there whenever we can and hope to make Alaska our home some day.



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