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Misleading and misinforming
by David Jensen


September 21, 2004

Dear Marly, I did read your letter dated 9/16/04. I see that you intend to continue misleading and misinforming the Tribal members.

Yes there have been attorneys that gave us advice, but those same attorneys were misled and misinformed. They were asked to find a way to weasel out of this predicament. This is part of an elaborate cover-up. Certain individuals don't want anyone to find out what happened in the past or what continues to happen today. It reminds me of the Emperor's New Clothes. You actually believe what you say. You are not the only one in this fantasy land. Our Tribal Council President and her little flock of yes-men think that if they
say it loud enough or repeat it enough it will become the truth.

I realize that morality and ethics are foreign concepts to you and your little troupe but we will try to keep that in mind.


David Jensen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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