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Where have all the Natives gone?
by Cheryl L. Dodson


September 21, 2004

I was amazed to read Maryl Edenso's letter to Sitnews dated September 17, 2004 encouraging readers to voice their dissatisfaction with the settlement for Naomi Michelsen.  Maryl failed to mention that she was on the personnel committee during the unlawful termination of several of the past KIC employees.

This committee consisting of Sue Pickrell, Norman Arriola and Ms. Edenso refused to allow me and Naomi our rights as tribal members and as staff.  In my case they refused to allow my witnesses (Eight of them were standing outside the door on the day of my hearing) to testify that I had worked diligently on their behalf as Tribal Employment Rights Officer (TERO); they heard, but did present the testimony of another management employee who testified that Charlie White, previous Tribal President, was getting rid of Naomi Michelson and me along with another employee who has since resigned.  They also, refused to allow Jim Strassberg from the SE Carpenter's Union to speak with the Tribal Council on the work he and I were doing to assure that our Tribal members were trained, employed and treated fairly by the Ketchikan Ship and Dry-dock.  There were a number of other personnel infractions made by this so called personnel committee and can be substantiated, but as Council member, Rob Sanderson stated - "this has gone on long enough!"

Marly talks about fiduciary responsibility in her letter, but where was her fiduciary responsibility when she served on the Council?  It was during her reign that many of these atrocities occurred.  She and the other "Personnel Committees" along with David Landis should have thought about the Tribal coffers when they were making these decisions several years ago that has put KIC in this mess today.

She also fails to mention that Ms. Michelsen was on medical leave when she was terminated thus the Workman's Compensation claim. This is not a hand out.  It is a settlement for poor administration and serious charges against people who were simply doing their jobs. 

Leave Naomi alone and pay her what she has coming!!  Marly should be sitting quietly in the background before there is an investigation into her activities as a Tribal Council Member.

I do encourage the current Tribal Council to be fair and honest with all employees affected by the past President and Deputy Director's poor management.


Cheryl L. Dodson
Juneau, AK - USA


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