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RE: Something Good Turns Into Something Bad
by Lori Ably


September 17, 2004

It has been my experience that for a nominal fee the owner of the abandoned car can be located by the VIN number stamped on the car. Locating the owner would relieve the taxpayers of the expense for the disposal. The owner can also be fined for the disposal fees when the KGB has to dispose of it.

Everyone should go about the business of properly completing the correct paperwork when selling your vehicle by turning in the seller's portion of the title and keeping a copy of it in your tax files to prove you no longer own it. That way, when the car eventually gets abandoned along side the road, the seller does not get stuck with the bill and neither do the taxpayers. Then the careless person who has little or no respect for the community in which he/she must sleep, eat and work, will be the only one liable for the costs. To add a little 'umph' to this scenario: if the owner has a criminal history, then their permanent fund should be attached to repay the debt. Of course this isn't a perfect solution, some people will move to the lower 48 and the taxpayer will eat one or two of these debts over the course of time but taxpayers are really taking too much in the shorts here. But that is another letter!

Though we might not print the names of criminal offenders in the newspaper, I would be satisfied to see an "Abandoned Cars" column in the newspaper, listing the make of car and the last known owner of record next to it. How quickly the dumping would come to a halt when people who junk cars get their names in the paper! Might even be tough to get good work, (or any at all) if employers have cause to think you might treat their business possessions with the same affection.

Lori Ably
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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