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CBS should come clean
by Mark Neckameyer


September 16, 2004

On Wednesday, Dan Rather interviewed an 86 year old former Texas National Guard typist.  She stated that the memos CBS used to "prove" that President Bush received preferential treatment and disobeyed orders while in the Texas National Guard 30+ years ago were counterfeit yet the information in those memos was accurate.  Dan Rather used this in a press release to say that while the memos had problems, nobody questions the veracity of the basic story about President Bush.  This is just not true!  The son and the wife of Lt. Colonel Killian, the officer who supposedly wrote the memos have both said that the information is wrong, that Killian did not feel that way about then Lt. Bush.  George Bush's Guard roommate at the time also disputed the information contained in the memo abut missing physical exams and disobeying orders.
Dan Rather is acting like an advocate for those trying to make President Bush look bad for whatever happened so many years ago in the National Guard.  The real story here is that a major broadcast network obviously used forged documents either through carelessness or on purpose to conveniently support a political position individuals at the network have expressed in the past.  Forging government documents must be a crime.  The people who attempted to affect our presidential election using forgeries should be uncovered and be treated like the criminals they are.  CBS should come clean now and should not hide behind the skirts of one 86 year old typist, the only person remotely involved who comes close to their own political conclusions.
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA



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