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Land Swap
by R.K. Rice


September 11, 2004

The first unsuccessful attempt to stop the land swap (approved by the majority of the borough assembly) was to try and find someone who would pay over $1,000,000 for the Ward Cove property. Next a Veto is tried, but apparently is illegal. The final ploy is successful, though probably illegal. Exclude a voting member of the borough assembly and finally achieve the result desired by the minority.

Talk about slimy-self serving tactics. A chance for a small piece of our downtown returned to the people of Ketchikan, an opportunity to put 56 acres of taxable property under the management of a successful local entreprenuer vs. another jewelry store or whatever Tipton, Sarber, Lybrand and Salazar envision, leaves me confused. What do you 4 people envision?

If a recall is in order, I will volunteer to help.


R.K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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