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Hope, courage, and the determination of America
by Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski


September 11, 2004

Three years ago September 11, terrorists murdered our people, temporarily shattered our peace, and forever altered our course as a nation. Americans felt shock and disbelief at this previously unimagined attack. We all have a personal story relating to 9/11: where we were, what we were doing, and who we knew that either perished in the attack or witnessed the events firsthand. The horrors of September 11 are imprinted on our national consciousness. That is the tragedy of September 11.

But September 11 also holds stories of hope, courage, and the determination of America. The attack claimed some of our nation's finest-- its firefighters and policemen and women-- and so many more distinguished themselves and their callings through courageous action. Citizens of this great country united, drawing closer to family, remembering community and reaffirming democracy. September 11 is a story of change and of the ability of Americans to respond to catastrophe quickly and decisively. And September 11 was a powerful reminder of our country's need for vigilance, the importance of our armed services, and the resilience of our nation. That is the legacy of September 11.

On this anniversary of the September 11 attacks, I urge you to reflect on the past. Consider your personal connection to 9/11 and your memories and emotions of that horrible day. Remember the sacrifice of the victims, the heroism of those who answered their nation's call, and the bravery of ordinary citizens who performed extraordinary service.

And on this day I ask you to remember the sacrifices made by hundreds of thousands of our men and women in uniform whose service has built our nation and secured our freedom, whether it be reclaiming lost ground at Kiska and Attu, preserving new-found liberty in Afghanistan, fighting for freedom for the Iraqi people, or combating our wildfires and patrolling our highways.

And finally, as you spend time with family, I urge you to pray for our country, our armed services and our leaders as they fight the war on terror, protecting our families and safeguarding our communities.



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