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Congratulations to the Borough Assembly
by Robert D. Warner


September 09, 2004

Congratulations to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly for their vote to reject the land swap for the proposed arts center.  Three members of the Assembly, George Lybrand, Maggie Sarber and George Tipton, with the help of Mayor Salazar held their ground in support of taxpayers in spite of tremendous pressure from two or three special interests groups.  It took real and sincere courage as they faced months of continuous pressure and sometimes unreasonable criticism. 
I have no problem with citizens voicing opinions and enjoying the arts, but it is wrong to expect taxpayers to pay for special recreational and art interests, especially during these difficult economic times.  We currently face increased expenses for school construction, education, fire protection, public safety, solid waste disposal,and just about every other aspect of essential public services.  Reduced state funding also places increased pressure on local taxpayers. 
The proposed land exchange was flawed from the beginning in my opinion.  Groups supporting the arts should depend on their own resources rather than taxpayers to support their special interests.
Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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