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by Pete Ellis


September 09, 2004

So perhaps we should reflect upon the potential of an arts center located on an ideal site which is otherwise referred to as the Dawson property.

Reflect upon the potential of a tailor made facility for the First City Players that would allow twice daily summer performances of the Fish Pirates Daughter, or a similarly styled local color play, by a professional cast during the summer season.

Reflect further upon what $10.00 per ticket, from 300 seats, or $3,000.00 for each performance and a gross revenue of $6,000.00 per day would generate.

Deduct what you think would be required for a professional cast performing the Fish Pirates Daughter and then multiply that figure times 5 months or 20 weeks of performances.

The figure that you end up with should be more than sufficient to fund land acquisition costs and a great deal more in terms of operational and related needs.

Perhaps this same business approach pursued by the downtown area merchant community has a great deal of promise in terms of moving land acquisition and construction along at a sufficiently rapid pace to adequately fund the center before the tourists stop coming or tire of The Fish Pirate's Daughter.

It might even be worthwhile to pursue a downtown area improvement assessment. The performances would surely promote tourists spending a longer time in the downtown area for many tourists rather than taking extended out of town bus tours. We might consider naming it the Jack Dawson Arts Center and in recognition of a sizable charitable contribution from this construction entrepreneur.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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