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by Patrick Branco


September 09, 2004

Mr. Bailey, when I first read your point of view I was loudly applauding your message. Then I realized the simple beauty and vision of the Assembly as demonstrated by their vote Tuesday night. It came to me while I was sitting in my backyard pondering what I would do with a small section of flat ground I own. I have often thought of putting a deck or a gazebo or even a swimming pool. But then I realized that the best thing about the square of property was the fantasy of what it COULD be. I spend hours at a time in fantasy about this piece of ground. The Assembly members have demonstrated that it is better to engage in fantasy than in economic development or a vision to the future. It is far more exciting to view the strip of land at the pulp mill and think about what somebody might do someday than to actual make a decision and follow through with it. The fantasy is so much more exciting. Perhaps someone will build a professional sports stadium on the site or a cattle ranch. Who knows? The delight with fantasy is that there are no limits. As for the Dawson property in town, what better message to residents and visitors about the future of Ketchikan than a vacant lot filled only with the possibilities of fantasy. I will stare at the lot for years and think of all the wonderful things it COULD become. I, for one, want to thank the visionaries of Lybrand, Sarber, Tipton, and Mayor Salazar. What a gift we have been given.

Patrick Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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