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Open Letter: Outsourcing
by Mike Sallee


September 09, 2004

Dear Governor Murkowski,
I just read of your administrative order to prevent outsourcing of Citicorps call center functions to Bombay, India. I'm just wondering if you could create a similar administrative order that would prevent the outsourcing of the processing of round logs.
Currently, the Alaska Mental Health Trust plans to let contracts to log its timber lands in the Ketchikan Borough and allow those logs to be exported in the round on log ships. Those logs can and should be processed locally, at a rate consistent with the capacities of small local businesses that are the backbone of the local economy.
Even the locally operating Pacific Log and Lumber, though hardly small by SE Alaska standards, will not get a stick of the Mental Health Trust timber.

Mike Sallee
Ketchikan ,AK - USA



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