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Re: Let me see if I have this right...
by Charlotte Glover


September 08, 2004

Well said, Mr. Bailey. One point about the Arts Center that has not been brought up in the media is that the donation of land will be leveraged into some big grant money. There are numerous foundations both in Alaska and outside that would be willing to give the project hundreds of thousand, if not several million dollars, with a show of local support, such as the land swap provides. Big civic projects take many hands these days. Local doners and fundraisers, municipal support, state and federal support and foundations all work together to raise the necessary money. The land swap is a terrific first step towards what could be a pile of money coming into our community. Those dollars hire local architects, contractors, and builders. The agencies involved already employ numerous people in our community at three separate locations and they have thousands of supporters, volunteers and friends. Sharing the same building makes fiscal sense, common sense and beautiful sense when it anchors our downtown for year round residential use and enjoyment.

Charlotte Glover
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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