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Presidential Election
by Stephen Conn


September 07, 2004

Editor and readers:

I want to share with you a letter that Ralph Nader recently sent to President Bush and Senator John Kerry, to encourage both to campaign in our state. Ralph Nader will appear on the Alaska Ballot on the Populist Party line.

I am a Seward, Alaska resident, currently working with the Nader campaign in Washington.

Stephen Conn


Text of letter:

Last July I made my campaign visit to Alaska meeting with injured workers, citizen leaders and the media. Alaskans well understand the stakes for them in this Presidential race. As America defines its domestic and foreign policies, the Great Land emerges as a centerpiece of each. Its lands, waters and natural resources are the nation s treasure. The policies each of you propose for management of our environment, our national defense and our energy resources will directly impact this state and its residents.

Alaska fought for statehood to have a voice in its own destiny. As a law student I was proud to have spent time in Washington lobbying for both Alaska and Hawaii statehood. In my letter to you on August 6th, I found many residents who take great offense because your multimillion-dollar campaigns include not a single stop in their state. Alaskans who do not have the means to visit Washington or who do not enjoy special connections to the powerful want to be part of the national dialogue that is an inevitable part of a Presidential campaign. Perhaps you both will respond if I list a few issues which Alaskans want addressed in this Presidential race:

Oil companies hold natural gas resources hostage. They profit instead by exportation to America from foreign inventories. Alaskans support an all-Alaska natural gas pipeline and not a trans-Canada line preferred by Big Oil. They want to make their case face-to-face. They expect a fair share of profits from resources extracted from both state and federal lands and authentic environmental protections enforced on federal lands and waters. They demand settlement of the Exxon Valdez litigation.

Alaska s wild salmon population and Alaska s fishing communities are jeopardized by development of poorly regulated fish farms elsewhere and the preferential importation of farm fish into America s food market.

The so-called missile defense boondoggle now based in interior Alaska and on Kodiak Island poses threats to the TransAlaska Pipeline and to the communities and natural resources in the Interior and around Kodiak Island should disastrous accidents occur from rapid deployment of this unworkable, according to many leading physicists, and hugely wasteful experiment.

Visit their beautiful state. Speak with the people. They deserve face-to-face involvement in this Presidential race, not the turning of your back on them.


Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader for President 2004 General Election Committee



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