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RE: For those old enough to remember...
by Gary B. Evans


September 05, 2004

A presumptive opinion by someone that stated he recalls the sixties but did not make clear if he was a soldier and/or lived as one.

Ten thousand names on the Wall died from the very dangerous nature of war. They were classified as accidents. They would not have been there if not for the war. "War Hero" is a term that should be used for anybody that tripped a booby trap, went down with a Huey, hit by a truck, had C4 blow up, or any type of accident that caused their life to end or to be injured. I served as medic from 1967-1968 and saw many patients that should be called "War Hero".

His opinion should be dismissed as political and it did reach a low suggesting ETOH involvement without proof.

Gary B. Evans
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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