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Cry Wolf
by Elroy C. Edenshaw Jr.


September 03, 2004

I can't understand why U.S. Rep. Don Young, R- Alaska would help Ketchikan's Alaska Ship and Dry Dock try to gain funding between 50 - 60 million dollars when ferry officials say bankruptcy is possible.

I do not understand why Governor Murkowski would say his Southeast Transportation Plan would include 240 million for new ferries for the Alaska Marine Highway System when ferry officials say bankruptcy is possible.

Who is or who is not honest here?

I am a veteran who served overseas in the fine country of Lebanon with the 24th MAU in 1984. And if anyone knows any history, it was 1983 when the USMC barracks was attacked by terrorist and over 200 US Marines lost their lives. This is when I was awarded a combat action ribbon. I am also a registered Republican. I am also a union member and I am Alaska Native. So with all that said, I hold my vote very dear. My family and I have used the ferry system many times because most of my family live on Prince of Wales Island and using the ferry (most of the time) is the only choice of travel.

I believe the cost of using the ferry is high and has questionable service with poor reliability. I support the Alaska Marine Highway headquarters move to Ketchikan. I support anything that could reduce cost and lower fares and improve service even if that means moving the headquarters.

I don't support ferry officials saying bankruptcy is possible when everyone from the State to Federal government is trying to support funding or create funding for the Alaska Marine Highway.

What I see are officials crying wolf to justify outsourcing. Outsourcing is privatizing the State ferry system. Outsourcing is wrong. Outsourcing the Alaska Marine Highway would only open the door for outsiders, or should I say out of state workers, to take over Alaskan Jobs.

Juneau was concerned about the headquarters being moved to Ketchikan. Juneau should be concerned about outsourcing. What would be next if outsourcing happens with the Alaska Marine Highway. What next Juneau?

So if this ploy of crying wolf about bankruptcy by state officials regarding the Alaska Marine Highway works and the Alaska Marine Highway becomes privately owned by outsiders, the real question would be... what next?

Elroy C. Edenshaw Jr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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