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Our Troops

Pyles Home Safely From Middle East
by MC Kauffman


September 28, 2003
Sunday - 12:50 am

Airman 1st Class Brian Pyles, the son of Terry and Cheri Pyles of Ketchikan, recently returned safely from his second deployment to the Middle East to his unit's home base at

Airman 1st Class Brian Pyles
Photo courtesy Terry Pyles
Hurlburt Field in Florida.

Pyles served over a year and a half in the Gulf region in one of the United States Air Force's elite Red Horse Squadrons performing various essential infrastructure construction jobs and building bases necessary for deploying air assets in the war against Saddam.

According to public information provided by the United States Air Force, the Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer (RED HORSE) Squadrons provide the Air Force with a highly mobile civil engineer response force to support contingency and special operations worldwide.

The USAF reports the RED HORSE units are self-sufficient, 404-person mobile heavy construction squadrons capable of rapid response and independent operations in remote, high-threat environments. The units can provide heavy repair and construction services when requirements exceed normal civil engineer unit capabilities. The RED HORSE units possess special skills, such as GeoReach remote beddown planning, water-well drilling, explosive demolition, quarry operations, material testing, expedient facility erection, and concrete and asphalt paving.

When freedom needs defending, we turn to our military. - a military made up of America's finest from large and small communities from around our great nation. A military force of brave men and women who have chosen to serve in defense of America and for the cause of freedom. We honor each of you who volunteer to help make our freedom possible. You and your families deserve and have the respect and thanks of your fellow Americans.

Welcome home Airman 1st Class Brian Pyles.




Our Troops

Brian Pyles, United States Air Force


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