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Ketchikan Lions Club Seeks New Members
by Gretchen Klein


September 27, 2003
Saturday - 12:30 am

The Ketchikan Lions Club (KLC) is seeking to increase its membership. There are many reasons for becoming a KLC member. The Ketchikan Lion's Club (KLC) sponsors a variety of events, programs, and projects in Ketchikan. The Ketchikan Lion Club's membership has

KLC builds and maintains bus shelters...
Mark and Lisa Davey, Martha Davey, Marvin Hill, Cher'e Klein, Courtney Enright, and Dick Coose
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein
declined from the 1980's; however, at the same time more responsibility has been placed at the realm of the KLC to continue community events.

There are approximately eleven active members and the Ketchikan Lions Club would like to have more participation from members of the community.

A few of the KLC's activities are:

  • KLC is responsible for the Fourth of July Fireworks and Booths.
  • KLC gives out two scholarships to graduating seniors each year.
  • KLC builds and maintains bus shelters.
  • KLC helps support the Annual Halloween Party at The Plaza.
  • KLC has made Christmas and Easter baskets for those less fortunate.
  • KLC does eye screening at the Annual Health Fair and Preschool Screening.
  • KLC provides scholarships for eye glasses and eye surgery.

Recently it was brought to the attention of the Ketchikan Lions Club that the Fourth of July Queen's Contest would not take place this next year unless KLC was willing to coordinate it. The loss of the Fourth of July Queen's Contest will result in a great loss in funding for the fireworks displays. KLC needs an organization to handle Fourth of July Queen's contest. As the population of Ketchikan declines, community members need to consider how much we value our community's events and activities. Many functions may not be continued without increased membership in the Ketchikan Lions Club.

The community of Ketchikan deserves to have quality events and activities. Joining the Ketchikan Lions Club can be your first step in helping to stabilize the situation. There is a yearly membership of $65.00 and meetings are held monthly.

Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the The Landing's Jeremiah's Conference Room. The next meeting of the Ketchikan Lions Club will be held October 8th, 2003 at 6:00 pm.

If you have questions or would like more information, call 225-8682.



Note: Gretchen Klein is a Ketchikan Lions Club Member



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