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Nine UAS Ketchikan Students Accepted to UAA Nursing Program


September 24, 2003
Wednesday - 1:15 am

Nine students have been accepted to the Ketchikan cohort for the first Associate of Applied Science in Nursing being offered by the University of Alaska Anchorage Nursing Program. The nursing program will offer two-year associate of applied science degrees in nursing to sites outside of Anchorage via distance delivery every two years beginning January 2004.

Theresa Howard, Rozetta Ludwigsen, Diana Porter, Valoree Price, Mary Ellen Purschwitz, Bridgett Stearns, Lory Stulken, Jennifer Taylor and Dawn Teune begin their studies January 2004 in Ketchikan. Prior to admission, applicants must complete a minimum of courses in algebra, biology (with lab), and chemistry (with lab) at the high school or college level along with completion of an UAA application, Nurse Entrance Test (NET) and three letters of reference. Additional coursework in areas of chemistry and biology enhance a student's application. The students accepted in the Ketchikan group have taken many hours of additional coursework and all have excelled in preparing for the next two years of nursing study.

UAA has expanded its nursing program to the entire state to begin meeting the need for nurses in the State of Alaska. This shortage mirrors that of the nation in that 12 percent of nursing positions in health care facilities in Alaska are vacant; in some remote facilities the vacancy rate for RNs is more than 30 percent and causes of the shortage are complex, but include the aging of the current workforce.

Projected demand in the industry for the state includes 220 additional nurses per year in addition to existing vacancies. Currently UAA graduates approximately 110 baccalaureate/associates degree nursing students each year.

The goal of the UAA distance program along with other strategies is to double the number of nursing graduates by 2006. Students in the first cohort will take classes both locally and via distance avenues including web-based and audio-conference. Clincal settings will be arranged locally as well.

Graduates of the AAS Program are prepared to sit for the state Registered Nurse (RN) exam. Graduates are trained to provide direct nursing care to individuals in inpatient settings and structured outpatient settings. The program provides students with a closely related mix of theory and clinical practice. Students gain clinical experience in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. The program requires a minimum of two years of full-time study. The next cohort will begin January 2006. To find out how to become part of the next nursing cohort, contact the UAS Ketchikan Student Services Coordinator.

The University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan Campus is a part of the University of Alaska statewide system and provides a wide variety of educational courses and programs both locally and to students in distance sites across the state. Many course offerings are available both locally and through distance avenues including web-based, audio conference and satellite. Through these courses, students can achieve certifications, associate, bachelor and master degrees.


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