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Alaska Marine Highway PFD Pass on Sale Beginning September 22nd
Unlimited Travel: November 1 - March 31


September 23, 2003
Tuesday - 1:00 am

Since 2001, in conjunction with the distribution of Permanent Fund Dividends, the Alaska Marine Highway has offered an opportunity for unlimited travel from November through March for $500 ($400 for those over 65, $250 for those between 5 and 11). Last year's Pass saw the inclusion of a cabin discount. This year's Pass will also have a discount on car deck space.

According to the System's marketing manager, Sharon Gaiptman, this year's offering is in direct response to feedback received from those who purchased passes last year. "Over the summer, we surveyed every household where at least one person had been a PFD-Pass holder the year before. We were pleased when more than a majority of users responded ­ and in the affirmative! They liked the idea of the Pass and encouraged us to keep it," she said.

"If there was one reoccurring theme, however, it was to keep the cost affordable and include something for motor vehicles. That's why this year's pass, in addition to a 25 percent discount on a cabin, will also include 25% off for motor vehicles." (Discounts cannot be combined and other restrictions apply.)

The Marine Highway considers October 1 through April 30 "Alaska Time," the time when the majority of those traveling on the System are Alaskan. This year's winter schedule will again feature regularly scheduled service in the Inside Passage, trips from Bellingham and Prince Rupert, and travel in south central Alaska (Valdez, Cordova, Seward, Homer and Kodiak). Although the M/V Kennicott will be laid up for most of the winter, the System will sail the M/V Tustumena to provide monthly cross-Gulf of Alaska service (except December). Gaiptman was particularly happy to note the return of the Kennicott the first week of March corresponds with the start of the Iditarod.

"Alaska Time and the PFD-pass provide a great opportunity for Alaskans to take advantage of why they live here. In addition to the Iditarod, there are festivals and celebrations and sporting events - as well as school vacations. I'm hopeful we'll see even more Alaskans try the Pass this year." She went on to note the Marine Highway website, provides community links and more information about festivals and activities. The site also contains more information about the PFD-Pass, including restrictions.



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