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Murkowski Pushes Alaskan Energy at
Western Governors' Association Meeting
Also Meets with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein to Discuss Nat. Gas Pipeline


September 16, 2003
Tuesday - 1:00 am

BIG SKY, MONTANA - Governor Frank H. Murkowski addressed his colleagues at the Western Governors' Association on Sunday to push ANWR and the Alaska natural gas pipeline. Murkowski also met with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein to discuss his support for an Alaska natural gas pipeline that follows the Alaska-Canada Highway. Attending the annual Western Governors' Association meeting were the governors of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming, and the premiers of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

"As the United States Congress debates a final energy bill, we must recognize that the bill is missing a crucial element, new supplies of energy," said Murkowski. "The homegrown energy potential in Alaska can help reduce our nation's dangerous dependence on foreign sources of oil. ANWR alone has the potential to produce sixteen billion barrels of oil, and Alaska's North Slope conditions natural gas at a rate of eight and a half billion cubic feet a day. That is enough to supply all of California's natural gas each day. It is my hope that we can utilize our domestic sources of energy first, instead of becoming beholden to unstable governments for our power."

Earlier in the day Governor Murkowski met privately with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein to discuss support for Alaska's proposed natural gas line. Murkowski and Klein also discussed the Alberta-Alaska bilateral commission, and a new updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the commission. Murkowski and Klein would like the commission to meet twice a year to address several issues of importance to both Alberta and Alaska. In addition to energy, Murkowski and Klein want to update the MOU to include other subcommittees to deal with transportation, tourism, healthcare, aboriginal peoples, workforce mobility, and other border initiatives.

"I am pleased that my good friend from Alberta is so supportive of Alaska's proposed natural gas line. Alberta and Alaska are both rich with natural resources, and can help each other immensely. I look forward to the Alberta-Alaska commission's new era of cooperation and friendship," Murkowski said.


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