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National Fisheries Institute Announces Top 10 Seafoods


September 11, 2003
Thursday - 1:00 am

Per-capita seafood consumption rose by nearly a pound in 2002 to 15.6 lbs., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Overall seafood consumption is up 7.1 percent, with the largest increase in fresh and frozen (11 lbs. per capita). Canned seafood also rose, accounting for about 4.3 lbs.

Not surprisingly, shrimp climbed to a record 3.7 pounds per person, and canned tuna consumption increased by 0.2 pounds after a marked drop in 2001. Tilapia, which made the Top Ten list for the first time in 2001, edged its way into the number nine spot, just ahead of flatfish and scallops. The increases are largely attributed to imports, which now account for 77 percent of US consumption. Currently half of the seafoods on the Top Ten list are cultured, either in part or in total.

The Top Ten list was compiled for the National Fisheries Institute by H.M. Johnson & Associates, publishers of the Annual Report on the United States Seafood Industry. Data for this list came from NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).


Top Ten Seafoods 2000-2002
2000 Rev.; 2001; 2002

Species, Lbs; Species, Lbs; Species, Lbs

1) Canned Tuna, 3.500 pounds; Shrimp, 3.400 pounds; Shrimp, 3.7 pounds

2) Shrimp, 3.200 pounds; Canned Tuna, 2.900 pounds; Canned Tuna, 3.1 pounds

3) Pollock, 1.595 pounds; Salmon, 2.023 pounds; Salmon, 2.021 pounds

4) Salmon, 1.582 pounds; Pollock, 1.207 pounds; Pollock, 1.13 pounds

5) Catfish(a), 1.050 pounds; Catfish(a), 1.044 pounds; Catfish(a), 1.103 pounds

6) Cod, 0.752 pounds; Cod, 0.557 pounds; Cod, 0.658 pounds

7) Clams, 0.473 pounds; Clams, 0.465 pounds; Crabs, 0.568 pounds

8) Crabs, 0.375 pounds; Crabs, 0.437 pounds; Clams, 0.545 pounds

9) Flatfish, 0.423 pounds; Flatfish, 0.387 pounds; Tilapia, 0.401 pounds

10) Scallops, 0.269 pounds; Tilapia, 0.348 pounds; Flatfish, 0.317 pounds

11) Tilapia, 0.264 pounds; Scallops, 0.342 pounds; Scallops, 0.313 pounds

NOTE (a): Catfish consumption has been re-calculated to reflect the change in U.S. law that prohibits imported "catfish"- basa, tra, etc. -- from being called catfish.


Source of News Release:

National Fisheries Institute
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