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Administration Begins Integration of
Human Resources Management Functions


September 05, 2003
Friday - 12:30 am

Juneau - Governor Frank Murkowski has approved an effort, which began Thursday, to consolidate human resources management and other personnel functions into one cohesive unit within the Division of Personnel in the Department of Administration. Currently, human resources managers are scattered throughout the fourteen departments of the executive branch.

"We believe we can achieve a more efficient personnel system from a central location within the Department of Administration, while still providing effective service to the various departments," Murkowski said. "The process we have started today provides a framework or direction for what we want to do. We will be working with the commissioners, their administrative services directors and human resources managers to design a new system that works. In the end, we will have better tools and provide better service to all agencies and all state employees."

The process began Wednesday morning with a presentation of the proposal to the cabinet, and later that afternoon to the administrative services directors and human resources managers.

"We have four objectives in integrating the human resources enterprise," said Commissioner of Administration Mike Miller. "First, we want to standardize our policies and procedures related to human resources across the executive branch. Second, we intend to implement enterprise technology systems and tools to improve service delivery. Third, we expect to increase operational efficiency. And fourth, we will reduce administrative costs. All of these objectives work together to help Governor Murkowski achieve his goal of making government more efficient, more effective, and less costly. We believe integrating personnel functions is a very logical place to start."

Miller said the conceptual model he is starting with is to integrate the HR staff into five "service centers," each providing personnel service to approximately the same number of state employees. One center will serve the Department of Health and Social Services, while a second will serve the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

The third will serve three public safety-related departments, including DPS, Corrections, and Military and Veteran's Affairs. The fourth center will serve resource agencies including Natural Resources, Environmental Conservation, and Fish & Game. The final center will serve all other departments.

"The challenge will be to know the department as well from inside the service center as an individual human resources manager now knows his or her individual department," Miller said. "We want to gain efficiencies and avoid duplication, but not at the expense of reducing service to the departments. We are going to be especially sensitive to making certain that we provide the current level of service during the transition from the old system to the new one."

Miller said that over the next two weeks the Division of Personnel will hold a series of meetings with human resources staff to move the process forward and design how the new system will work. On September 16, supervision of the HR staff will transfer to the Division of Personnel. Other markers include completing integration of classification functions by October 1, integrating payroll and recruitment functions by January 2, and completing integration of all remaining HR functions by March 15. He expects the entire process to be complete by July 1, 2004.


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