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What About Employee Liability Protection?

By Mark O'Brien


August 31, 2020
Monday PM

There have been a few opinion letters published recently regarding the topic of business liability protections. The common thread here is that it is critical for business to be protected from liability should employees fall ill while in their employ.

What seems to be missing in these heartfelt pleas for commonsense regulation is concern for the healthcare options that are currently available to workers. Unless there is a commitment for universal healthcare, banning exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and removal of medical insurance caps; these arguments seem generally self-serving.

The current administration proposals are to eliminate many safeguards included in the Affordable Healthcare Act. Every job is essential to workers, as they make efforts to contribute to their family, company, and country. Go ahead and seek protections for businesses, both large and small. But please, do not seek said protections on the backs of the workers. Too many have suffered hardships from past and current medical problems; this COVID-19 heightens the stress. Few can afford hospitalization and treatment.

The number “long-haulers” that are expected to carry virus complications far into the future are of grave concern to medical professionals. How can an employee not be worried? Each and every call for business liability protections should also include proposals to protect the employees’ healthcare issues into the future, as well.

Mark O’Brien
Ketchikan, Alaska




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Received August 28, 2020 - Published August 31, 2020

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