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By David G Hanger


August 14, 2018
Tuesday PM

You spent six years as a U.S. Senator, Mr. Begich, and it and you were a real yawner. Your replacement, Senator Conoco-Phillips, at least has someone periodically write something for him in an effort to communicate with his audience, albeit generally rife with lies. “Begich” is a name, and because “Begich” is a name, you have to date basically sat like a toad on a lily, croaking. As you can see, I am just thrilled and chilled at your candidacy for Governor of the State of Alaska.

So what do you have to offer over the Republicans Treadwell and Dunleavy who express such great concern about your and my permanent fund dividends but have absolutely no intent of taxing the oil companies? Or Walker the so-called independent who in fact is a Republican awash in oil with a noggin full of natural gas-fed dreams and obsessions of semi-immortality?

What do you have to offer over them? Are you just another jerk whose sole focus is the oil companies and the Anchorage-Fairbanks corridor to the detriment of the rest of the State? Are you just another sold-out oil lackey?

Is it in short just going to be more of the same old stuff?

What is needed is leadership that dynamically moves this State in a completely different direction, and I don’t see that character in you. I don’t think you have the stuffing or the stones that it will take.

Prove me wrong.

Our last three Governors, including “Oil Company” Walker, have all basically been thieves giving to the rich while stealing from the poor. Walker even expresses absolute shock that somehow this reality should even be questioned, his dreams of a $55 billion and counting natural gas pipeline that no one needs right now takes priority in his brain pan over everything. SB21 is the law of the land; it is sacrosanct and unchangeable despite the fact that it is stealing pure and simple.

How is it that we reached the point that our oil is being given away for nothing? That we even gave/give these damned oil companies 35% credits for their oil exploration costs? And the State gets nothing but a bigger and bigger hole in its wallet. I listen to the litany of lies from up north, how the oil companies cannot make it if they are taxed, yet throughout the decline in oil prices, even at the lowest those prices got, the oil companies in this State continued to increase their levels of production. We in fact financed their losses in business operations all over the world.

This oil, this finite resource, that if rationally managed can provide schools and hospitals and roads for our children’s children’s children, is being pissed away to a bunch of oil industry greed heads who have no concern for this State beyond what they can extract from it.

Because of John Coghilll and his ilk the oil companies own our State government, and to engorge their buddies as they return to their mansions anywhere but here, they even steal from babies.

What are you going to do about that, Mr. Begich? Shake hands with the jerk then go sit in that big lounge chair like a toad? Get yourself another retirement pension for a few years of sitting around?

Dan Ortiz is a very nice man. He’s our one and only representative around here. But nice does not cut it. He is nicely concerned about the kids’ educations, etc., and he is willing to sell his soul to the devil to get the money for it, and along with that the soul of everyone else in the neighborhood as well with or without their approval or permission. Every year for the last four years he has stolen from me $3000 to $4000, and I fundamentally resent that. I resent even further the fact that this is done because the State government is so corrupt it is not merely not taxing the oil companies for the billions annually they are stealing, it has been paying them upwards of $1.3 billion a year to do it.

Stolen from me annually by these Governors and this State government is $1600 on average in purloined Permanent Fund Dividends, $1000 in indirect costs from freight increases, etc. that have jacked up the price of food and everything else around here, and as much as $1500 in extra freight costs or ferry costs for travel in and out of Ketchikan.

For a family of four the rapaciousness is beyond belief, for in many instances the Federal income tax bill for a family of four is far less than what the State is stealing from these people. At $80,000 the tax bill for a family of four is about $1500, and that is less than the amount being stolen on one Permanent Fund Dividend. For a family of four the cost of this theft is $6400 in purloined Permanent Fund Dividends, $4000 in indirect freight costs, and another couple grand for one trip out of town, i.e. somewhere around $12,400. Times four years the State has stiffed these people for $50,000. To finance what? Not a damned thing. Nothing at all. Just to make some oil pigs richer.

They won’t even give us some cheap asphalt to fix the roads.

Real fast, Mr. Begich, tell us how you are different? Then tell us how fast you are going to do something about it.

A State that taxes welfare mothers more than they tax rich oil pigs is not much of a State, Mr. Begich. And any man who tolerates this kind of crap is no man at all.

What kind of man are you?

This is a State desperately in need of a champion, but you haven’t shown me anything yet that convinces me you are even possibly that.

So show us what you got, if anything.

Right now it’s the “MOTSOS” Campaign, and the whole electorate minus your respective families might as well sit home and let you all fight it out.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska



Editor's Note:

The interpretation of MOTSOS was edited as More of the Same Old Stuff.

The text of this letter was NOT edited by the SitNews Editor.


Received August 13, 2018 - Published August 14, 2018

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