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By David G Hanger


August 03, 2018
Friday PM

I have yet to see any study that indicates a state income tax would manage to collect as much as $1.2 billion from Alaskans. The studies I have seen and/or heard indicate an aggregate of $300 million to $500 million may be possible, so, Ghert Abbott, your $1.2 billion number is either one big lie, a deception, or a product of your ignorance. Before you blather such nonsense I would sincerely suggest you find out how much the Feds collect in income taxes from 740,000 Alaskans, at which point you might realize how totally whacked out your proposals are.

You are the classic example of a political aspirant doing exactly what your opposition wants you to do, to wit, to support an asinine proposition to increase taxes on individuals because your political opposition refuses to properly tax our oil production, thereby discrediting not only yourself but also the political party you represent. Since we may conceivably be within months of having every woman who has had an abortion since 1974 charged with murder and subjected to execution or life imprisonment (there is no statutory time limit on murder charges) because the evangelical fascists of America believe freedom of religion is something conferred to them but to no one else, and it is thus their obligation to tell every woman how to be, your incompetence is consequential because it reflects very negatively on the Party you claim to represent.

So enough with your frivolous drivel. Get off Sitnews, get away from the fantasies bouncing around your brain pan, and go find out what the people want. There is no excuse for the financial problems of this state. The oil companies have bought the state government, and they are stealing our oil day in, day out, and all in plain sight. There is no real representative democracy in this state. At every level it is a bunch of bought and paid for thugs. Why do you think you are running such a one-man show, indeed why do you think you are being allowed to run such a one-man dog and pony show?

Your candidacy is doomed. I would not be surprised if you got fewer than 100 votes. You are anti-social, and you refuse to listen, so all we are getting from you is the beep-beep-beep bouncing between your ears.

A far better utilization of your time, particularly at this juncture, would be to figure out how an ignorant, poorly educated, senile and sold out piece of crud named Don Young has ensconced himself in Alaska’s one and only Congressional seat for 48 years. We really don’t need elections in Alaska, just lifetime appointments to dirtbags. That is what we have anyway.

Follow the money, Ghert, join in, and be someone else’s lapdog, that’s how you get yourself that sinecure in Alaska. Gouging the people just wins you an early exit because you become a target, and a joke, and nothing beyond.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska



Editor's Note:

Ghert Abbott is the Democratic candidate for House District 36’s legislative seat.

The text of this letter was NOT edited by the SitNews Editor.


Received August 03, 2018 - Published August 03, 2018

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