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Nazi Apologists

By Tristan Moyer


August 26, 2017
Saturday PM

Equating Nazis with people who are against Nazism is so strange I hardly know where to start. I've seen comments like this a number of times lately. Why would anyone defend Nazis? Is it because they were wearing MAGA hats and waving Trump campaign signs? According to this logic people who fought against Nazism in the 1940s are worse than Nazis for fighting back. What an insult to the millions who fought and resisted Nazi fascism.

Nazi and white supremacist ideology is wrong. Belief in superior races, stealing peoples land and possessions and forcing them into ghettos, putting people in concentration camps and murdering them- that is what these people stand for when they wave Nazi flags. I can't believe I'm even explaining this. How are those things in any way similar to being anti-Nazi? An anti-Nazi isn't promoting anything except that Nazis are bad. I'll simplify it for us, Nazis want to exterminate people based on race and religion, Anti-fascists want to... not do those things. Nazi side is promoting- hate and genocide, the other side is promoting- not doing that. Seems pretty simple to me.

Meanwhile, Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt for refusing to stop systemically arresting people (based on their ethnicity and having committed no crimes) and forcing them into camps under inhumane conditions. Trump and his fans are defending literal swastika flag waving, sieg heiling Nazis and accusing the people resisting them of being the REAL Nazis. How deep into the Fox news, Breitbart, trash talk radio conspiracy theory lies do you have to be to think that makes sense?

When Nazis and racists start marching with torches and weapons you don't hide in your house, or ignore it. Decent people go out and face them and let them know we will not tolerate their evil.

Tristan Moyer
Ketchikan, Alaska

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Received August 26, 2017 - Published August 26, 2017

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