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We need politicians with courage and ideals

By Norbert Chaudhary 


August 21, 2017
Monday AM

The violence, death and injuries that occurred in Virginia was completely predictable and given the direction the President has taken this nation, pretty much inevitable. 

This sort of reaction from Far Right minions is exactly what the fear/hate blathering heads on cable TV, a.m. Radio and the internet have been driving their weak minded, low information voters to do for years. And this isn't the first time they have acted up. Remember the Bundy Ranch standoff? The armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge? Or the Oklahoma City bombing? There is no forgiving the carnage these 'for profit' social agitators have wreaked upon us. 

And if you add to that the Far Right politicization of the NRA encouraging violence against other Americans and the media, combined with a President who continues to appeal to his base by inciting them to look upon their fellow Americans as the enemy, then nothing that happened in Charlottesville should come as a surprise to anyone. Expect more to follow. 

For more than year now we have listened to Trump's unrelenting attacks against the media, against Obama, against Hillary, against higher education, against Democrats, against facts, against Muslims, against science, against moderate Republicans, against our global allies and against the entire US Intel Community. 

Trump has bad mouthed every democratic leader and and ever democratic country on the planet - but take note - he has never uttered a single negative word about Putin.. ever. And ever. 

Trump's continual stream of lies and his refusal to accept responsibility for anything is astounding. He has blamed the military for deaths from operations he authorized, he blames Republican leaders for his political failures, Obama for colluding with the Russians and the "Deep State" for his most dysfunctional and inept US government ever. And ever. 
If you haven't already figured it out, understand this - on every level - of tolerance and decency, honesty and trustworthiness, on foreign and domestic policy and on the global stage and by every definition of what our country stands for - Trump is the biggest self inflicted catastrophe this country has ever faced. Ever. And ever. 

I'm a gun owner, not a big fan of political correctness, the tax code, lobbyists, big money in politics, the lack of term limits for elected representatives or the growing wealth gap. I'm opposed to illegal immigration and I disagree strongly with the Far Left on many issues but human caused climate change is obvious as is the need for universal health care for all Americans. And of course freedom of speech and of worship should not even be questioned - but now it is. 

I don't believe in labels or stereotypes. This whole attempt to divide us into "the left" or "the right" is complete and utter nonsense. The vast majority of Americans are reasonable and inhabit the middle ground and are not part of the either extreme fringe despite the best efforts of talking heads to divide us in order to push up network ratings and profits. 

Instead of escalating rhetoric, violence and division why not find the common ground we all share and work through our issues peacefully as responsible citizens of a great land? 

We need politicians with courage and ideals elected for two or three terms working for The People rather than lifetime politicians controlled by lobbyists and 'Super Pacs' working for those who bought them.
Ironically, Trump's disastrous Presidency may just be the catalyst for the changes in Government that we desperately need - and by his actions Trump has made great progress uniting the country. More and more republicans, liberals, conservatives, democrats, christians, muslims and Americans of all races are standing together against Trump. Not since 9/11 has the country shown such unity. It's good to know that when the nation is threatened with destruction we can come together... And at the same time - it's a bit sad...

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Question Authority,

Norbert Chaudhary 
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received August 14, 2017 - Published August 20, 2017



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