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RE: Disappointing airline experience

By Michael Nelson


August 06, 2015
Thursday PM

I am a bit confused about the Delta woes letter. For the record, I am not an employee of Delta, just a frequent flier (mostly United and Lufthansa).

In the 2nd paragraph of the letter, the author seems to be mentioning two pieces of checked baggage. His bag "....was first questioned intensely upon trying to check my bag onto the flight" and hers "...Delta representatives did not believe I had prepaid for her baggage check online before arriving to the airport," and then his "....I was made to show my personal bank account to Delta staff, showing hard evidence of my prior check bag purchase before I was allowed to check my bag."

In the 3rd paragraph, he states "I repeatedly pleaded with Delta staff to ensure that my baggage be placed on the flight I was taking as I was worried the bag would be left behind, arrive late late or be lost. Given that we were attending a formal wedding, this was extremely important. I was told repeatedly and even promised that my bag would make it to my final destination. I had no choice but to board the plane, trust Delta staff, and move on." He doesn't seem to be concerned about the status of her bag (that he had prepaid online).

Fast forward to Minneapolis and he does not mention the status of her bag arriving or not arriving, and only states " bag never showed up in the baggage claim area." Did she have all of her clothing in his bag or in her bag, and where did her bag go?

This is in no way meant to disparage these people, I am just puzzled about the number of bags. My wife and I travel with separate bags, I have my stuff in mine, she has her stuff in hers. We could never fit all of our stuff into one bag, it would just not be possible....

I hope you were reunited with your bag and have safe travels in the future.

Michael Nelson
Brussels, Belgium


About: "Frequent flyer"

Received August 04, 2015 - Published August 06, 2015

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