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Open Letter to Insurance Company

By Amanda Mitchell


August 02, 2015
Sunday PM

Dear Insurance Company and its trusted partner in Subrogation (names left out for security):

Today we received a letter in the mail concerning our daughter’s broken arm and the treatment on which medical benefits were paid out.

My daughter, being fully human and mostly child, plays a lot. Contrary to popular belief, our family and all other human persons we know, are prone to sickness, injury and death. For some odd reason, this is actually part of the human condition. We have medical insurance just in case our human condition gets the better of us.

Now this letter, sent to us by your company, is looking to discover who is at fault for this. I would say my personal belief is sin entered the world. Others would say evolution. Or if we are talking just about financial obligation, some would say the insurance company being paid to cover the medical expenses is liable.

Our Insurance Co and its Subrogation division are of the opinion that there may be another responsible party. Oh, this is such a relief, because as I was typing this my wrists were starting to ache and I think I may have developed carpal tunnel as a result of responding to this letter. Matter of fact, my head is now aching, I feel a little depressed over this and I may need to seek medical treatment. Who should we send a bill to: The Insurance Co or its trusted partner? Or is there some place in our world for personal responsibility and life to just happen?

My daughter was riding her bike. It wasn’t her friend’s fault for riding with her. It wasn’t the City’s fault for our use of its roads or us willingly using anyone’s private property. It wasn’t the bike manufacturer’s fault for my daughter choosing to use the bike or the shoe manufacturer’s fault for my daughter’s foot getting caught on the wheel. It was my daughter living her life to its fullest, even if meant taking a risk that her human condition may get the best of her and she may get injured. At no time was there any gross negligence on anyone’s part.

I hope this cleared up some questions and, rest assured, my child is getting her exercise! If you need further information don’t hesitate to contact us at the address you have on file. However, please do not enter our property as we don’t want to take on the responsibility if you slip and fall. Be careful not to give yourself a paper cut with any further correspondence and drink plenty of fluids when you do respond. (Note I am not a doctor and none of my advice should be taken as such. This is not all inclusive of what may or may not happen if you respond and consider this for whatever other disclaimer you might need to know that we do not want to take responsibility for your actions or beliefs and the consequences of such).

Thank you for taking your time to investigate this complex subject of the human condition and who is ultimately responsible. I hope you or the one who is accountable for your actions are able to get to the root of this matter.

Have a wonderful day!


Amanda Mitchell
Ketchikan, Alaska



Received July 28, 2015 - Published August 02, 2015



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