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RE: Foreign Interests Attack Alaskan Initiative
By A. M. Johnson


August 13, 2012
Monday PM

Editor Sitnews,

'Foreign Interests Attack Alaskan Initiative; Outside Corporations Outspend Locals Ten To One Say Supporters'...

O- the howls of pain by the pro-Coastal Management crowd to outside money flowing in to encourage a 'No' vote. And where pray tell did the funding that destroyed our timber industry come from?

Yep, many of these Coast Management environmental players were up to their arm pits in that debate.

I rest my case, with a chuckle at turn about being fair play.

Ketchikan, AK


About: "Life long resident, fought the good fight against the timber environmental crowd during the 80/90s."

Received August 10, 2012 - Published August 13, 2012


Coastal Management: Who's Buying Alaska's Primary Election? By LAINE WELCH - Alaska has more coastline than all of the other US states combined, but unlike all those other states, Alaskans have no say in how their coasts are managed or developed. - More...
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ALASKA LEADERS SUPPORT COASTAL INITIATIVE; Program Critical to Arctic, Statewide Development - A group of Arctic and Alaska leaders today endorsed Ballot Measure No. 2, which would re-establish Alaska’s coastal management program. Former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles, Alaska State Senator Donny Olson, and North Slope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower spoke in support of coastal management at a press conference in Anchorage. Northwest Arctic Borough Mayor Martha, scheduled to appear, was traveling and unable to attend, but sent a text message supporting the coastal management ballot initiative. - More...
SitNews - August 13, 2012

Foreign Interests Attack Alaskan Initiative; Outside Corporations Outspend Locals Ten To One Say Supporters - An Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) report has revealed opposition to Alaska’s coastal management program ballot initiative is funded largely by Outside sources. - More...
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