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Warning:  District 33 House Seat Not for Sale
By Jim Shoemaker


August 03, 2012
Friday PM

Three GOP candidates – Agnes Moran, Patti Mackey, and Peggy Wilson – want to represent Ketchikan and Wrangell in the State House of Representatives. 

The latest reports filed by those three candidates with the Alaska Public Offices Commission tell a crucial tale of campaign financing and outside special interests.  Every voter in Ketchikan should take heed. 

One of the candidates, Peggy Wilson of Wrangell, failed to raise a single dime from Ketchikan residents even though Ketchikan comprises 80% of the population of the Ketchikan/Wrangell/North POW House District.  Stated differently, all of Peggy Wilson’s campaign contributions (excluding those she made to her own campaign) came from places other than Ketchikan. 

It is also sobering to note that two-thirds of Peggy Wilson’s campaign funds came from outside of the Ketchikan/Wrangell/North POW House District, much of it from Anchorage.

Patti Mackey has an even worse record. 

While Peggy Wilson accepted 66% of her funds from those outside the Ketchikan/Wrangell House District, Patti Mackey accepted a far greater percentage – 86% – of her campaign funds from outside interests (again, excluding the candidate’s own contributions).  Anchorage is clearly the money base for Patti Mackey. 

In stark – and refreshing – contrast to the other two GOP candidates, Agnes Moran raised 100% of her campaign funds from the Ketchikan/Wrangell/North POW House District.

For the past two years, Ketchikan has suffered time and again because of special interests in Anchorage.  Let’s stop the control of Ketchikan’s affairs by outside interests.

We need a candidate whose only special interest is the Ketchikan/Wrangell/North POW House District!

Jim Shoemaker
18 Year resident of Ketchikan
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 03, 2012 - Published August 03, 2012



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